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Welcome to the International Glass Alliance

The International Glass Alliance is an organization founded in 2010 to preserve the rich traditions of glassmaking and glass education in the Czech Republic, promote the glassmaking region's standing as an economic, artistic and cultural center in the Czech Republic and throughout the world and serve as a platform for international exchange between glass artists, scholars, students, collectors and enthusiasts.

 The IGA consults with school faculty, artists, scholars and Czech government officials to create glassmaking educational programs, scholarships to study glassmaking, professional development and both economic and community-based opportunities for Czech students, artists and faculty to participate in sustaining the glassmaking region in northern Bohemia. The economic and community-based initiatives also seek to bridge the glass communities in Madison and the Midwest with those in the Czech Republic.  As more information about these programs becomes available, it will be shared on this website. Financial support for the development of these programs is vital. Please click the Support Us page to find out how you can support this endeavor today.  If you are interested in potential participation in any of these initiatives, please contact the IGA Executive Director at: director@internationalglassalliance.org


Right now, the glassmaking region of northern Bohemia, its schools and glassmaking network, are threatened by the global economy.  The schools' extinction and the disappearance of glassmaking in this region would be a devastating loss not only to the glass community in the Czech Republic, but also to the world's artistic and cultural heritage.


The IGA partnered with the Light and Glass Society on a fascinating trip to the north Bohemian glassmaking region in the Czech Republic, one of the world's oldest and richest glassmaking networks! The 2012 summer program included tours of the region's three historic glassmaking schools, glass and chandelier factories, museums, artist studios and ateliers, throughout northern Bohemia and Prague. If you participated or attended any of the tour's activities or events and would like to share your photographs or insights, please email: creative@internationalglassalliance.org


Tato webová stránka bude k dispozici také v českém jazyce brzy.


Glassmaking is part of all of our global cultural heritage. View the IGA Support Us page for information about how you can help today!


The International Glass Alliance Gallery Page is currently featuring movies and photograph slideshow galleries highlighting the three historic glassmaking schools in Nový Bor, Kamenický Šenov and Železný Brod. The Gallery Page highlights Peter Rath's introductory Lobmeyr Chandelier archive photograph slideshow as well as the A. Brostowitz Czech Glass Collection. Please view our Gallery Page.