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Secure Online PayPal Tax-Deductible Donation Arts Wisconsin:

There are numerous ways to support the International Glass Alliance, including tax-deductible donations through our partnership with Arts Wisconsin (AW). These tax-deductible donations can be made securely online through the Donate Thru Arts Wisconsin Navigation Links on the left side of IGA pages. To make a secure AW online donation, click on the "Donation Button" below or on the "Donation Button" on various pages throughout the IGA site and follow the prompts that follow. Thank You.




Donation Check or Money Order by Mail:

Tax-deductible donations from within the United States to the IGA by check or money order can be made by writing a check payable to “Arts Wisconsin,” adding in the Memo line of the check, "International Glass Alliance.” See the check image below for an example of specifics for a tax-deductible check donation.  Send donations by mail to:


7528 Pershing Blvd, Suite B-175

Kenosha, WI 53142



European contributions to the IGA can be made through secure online donations through PayPal by selecting the "Send Money Internationally" option or by sending funds using IBAN to:

ERSTE-BANK, Graben 21, A-1010 Vienna, AUSTRIA

IGA Treasurer Peter Rath

IBAN: AT452011129125922701


Correspondence for the IGA European office should be directed to:


Care of Peter Rath, Treasurer,

Havlíčková ul. 294

47114 Kamenický Šenov

Czech Republic

Reciprocal linking, Forums, Blogs or Setting the IGA website as your browser's homepage

Reciprocal Linking: A mutual link between two websites increases mutual traffic on both websites and builds higher ranking for both sites in search engines, such as Google.  If you are interested in reciprocal linking with the IGA, please inquire with our web director at:  IGA linking must be relevant and respectful to IGA visitors.


Setting the IGA website as your browser’s homepage: The following is for informational purposes only and provides an overview of basic information in order to set the IGA as your browser's homepage. It is always recommended to follow the specific instructions and guidelines presented by your browser.


For most browsers, open the menu option for the browser, select the Preferences tab and within the General tab, select “Home Page.” If on the IGA home page, simply select the "Use Current Page" option. To set the home page for Internet Explorer (IE) 8 or 9, while at the IGA website, click the down arrow next to the HOME icon on the command bar and select the option "Add or Change Home Page." Select "Use this webpage as homepage" and click "Yes" to save the homepage change.


Thank you for your support for the International Glass Alliance. If you would like to share ideas for supporting the IGA, please contact: